Concept behind CORONET® Diamond Guitar and its Production Process

Nearly two decades ago, Dr. Aaron Shum, President of Aaron Shum Jewelry, was the Exhibition Sub-Committee Director of Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association. He was actively promoting the first annual Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers’ Show and came up with the idea of a “Pearl Pagoda” in attempt to set a Guinness World Record and drive traffic to the exhibition, unfortunately, the application was denied.


In 2015, CORONET® has successfully made into Hall 1 of Baselworld, Dr. Shum understood that as an emerging brand exhibiting next to luxury conglomerates, CORONET® cannot afford to be complacent. The idea of creating an exhibit of world class jewelry once again arose. He invited renowned musician Mark Lui (雷頌德) to be the designer, and during the concept phase, they came up with many ideas such as a Bikini encrusted with diamonds. However, Dr. Shum has finalized on creating a diamond guitar, because he believes that music is a global language, and that the charm of the guitar can be demonstrated when it is being played by the top guitarists of the world.


From the project planning, market research, design, technical analysis, materials sourcing, mould making, casting, filing, stone setting, polishing, to quality control, this art piece took a team of 68 people and 700 work-days to produce

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