2018 Miss Asian Pageant is the first time to organize in UAE to recruit contestants for the Grand Final.Lifestyle Fine Jewelry is invited by Asia Television to be the co-organizer for 2018 Miss Asian Pageant - Dubai Division. Dr Aaron Shum, Coronet® founder and president of Lifestyle Fine Jewelry, presented in the event yesterday, said "I am very pleased to be the co-organizer as well as the judge panel of 2018 Miss Asian Pageant - Dubai Division. Overall the quality of the contestants is far better than expected, and Liz, the champion, is outstanding in both her appearance and talent. I am really excited and look forward to the Grand Final on December 15.”

2018 marks the 30th anniversary of Asia Television’s Miss Asia Pageant. With such a special occasion, nineteen contestants coming from Hong Kong, Greater China and Overseas Divisions, is going to compete for the highest honor in Malaysia’s Grand Final. Coronet®sponsors 2018 Miss Asian Pageant and its 30th anniversary for the diamond crown and scepter with value over HK$10million, while the scepter is of high chance to accomplish the brand’s sixth Guinness World Records titles.

Dr. Aaron Shum honored Miss Liz Lee to be the champion of the Dubai Division.

Judge Panel (From left): Mr Perry Fung, Director of Middle East & Africa HKTDC; Dr Aaron Shum, President of Lifestyle LLC; Mr. Aqil, Chairman of Highway Travel & Tourism; Miss Rebecca, President of BASTAKI Trading LLC.

Judge Panel and Top 5 finalists of the Dubai Division

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