The Wynners farewell concert featuring the Most Valuable Coronet Diamond Guitar

Legendary Hong Kong band, The Wynners, bid farewell to their fans with a spectacular 7 days concert which ended on August 13th. The highlight of the last day was the performance of the Guinness World Record Coronet Diamond Guitar, which is valued at a staggering USD 2 million. This guitar, adorned with a 400 ct diamond and weighing 1.6 kg of gold, was previously used by The Jackson 5 brothers at the BBC Proms, where it wowed a crowd of 40,000. Now, it had found its way to the Hong Kong Coliseum, where The Wynners performed in front of an audience of 12,500. The concert was broadcast live worldwide, giving fans across the globe a chance to witness this historic event.

The Guinness World Record coronet diamond guitar was the perfect way to commemorate The Wynners' departure from the music scene. It symbolized their years of hard work, dedication, and the mark they left on Hong Kong's music industry.Now the Guinness Guitar is exhibited in Coronet Boutique at Dubai Mall.

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