Can you guess how many pieces of diamonds are encrusted on the Most Valuable Guitar?

GUINNESS World Records “Most Valuable Guitar”


CORONET® diamond guitar is adorned with 11,441 pieces of diamond (401.15 carats) and 18k white gold (1.635 kg; 57.67 oz). It was formally unveiled at the Swiss Baselworld exhibition and attained the GUINNESS World Records title of “Most Valuable Guitar”. Its value was certified as US$2,000,000 (£1,352,530; €1,897,410) and was created by Aaron Shum (Hong Kong). 

Interesting Facts

Do you know there are other GUINNESS World Records that are related to guitar?


  • Most Guitar Strings Changed in One Hour

The most guitars re-strung in 1 hour is 30, achieved by Glenn Haworth (Australia) at Haworth's Shellharbour Music Centre, Albion Park Rail, Australia, on 15 March 2009. Glenn changed a total of 183 strings - 30 complete guitars and half of a 31st.


  • Largest Online Guitar Lesson

The largest online guitar lesson featured 8,776 participants and was taught by Fumiyoshi Kamo (Japan) for Nico-Nico-Keion-Bu in Tokyo, Japan, on 2 April 2011. The lesson lasted for 60 minutes. The number of accesses at the start of the lesson was 8,776. The number gradually went up during the lesson and it got to 27,734 by the end.


  • Largest Guitar Ensemble

The largest guitar ensemble was achieved by 6,346 participants in an event organised by Thanks Jimi Festival, in Wroclaw, Rynek, Poland, on 01 May 2009.



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